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why do I need securenntp?

When you connect to a web site or other on line server, your request is routed through many servers and routers before your final destination is reached. Each of these servers has the ability to gather information about you and your request. Your personal information and browsing habits may be at risk of exposure. Your e-mail could be read, and the web sites you visit logged. Encrypting your data in a secure shell will prevent would-be snoopers from spying on you.

Securenntp works by locking your network traffic down on one port. Ordinarily, your network traffic is directed through many different ports, each with its own unique purpose. Therefore, by monitoring your ports alone, your activity can be determined by someone watching the network. With securenntp, all your data is forwarded through an internal proxy to only one port. It is then impossible to use your port usage to determine your internet activity.

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